Lady Tea

Feel the freedom!

Natural herbal blend for menstrual pain relief.

It is common to feel discomfort during menstruating period. Not to miss out doing things you love to do during this time of the month, Aayuki Lady Tea will help to effectively relieve the menstrual cycle pain, possible dehydration and will keep your mind and body relaxed.


Føl friheden!

Naturlig urteblanding til lindring af menstruationsmerter.

Det kan være almindeligt at føle ubehag i menstruationsperioden. For ikke at gå glip af at kunne lave de ting, du elsker at gøre i løbet af denne periode, vil Aayuki Lady Tea bidrage til effektivt at lindre menstruationscyklus smerter, mulig dehydrering, og den vil holde dit sind og din krop afslappet.



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